The use of MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) cameras on residential properties is becoming increasingly common, which can be worrying if you feel that your privacy is being threatened.

There is an exemption for domestic or Residential processing of personal information, as long as this does not involve putting personal information on a website or making it available to the world at large in another way without good reason.

This means that if a MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) camera mounted in your neighbor’s property is overlooking your land, it is unlikely that they will be breaching the Data Protection Act. However, they may be breaching other legislation such as the law about harassment or voyeurism, and so may be subject to investigation by another body, such as the police.

The use of cameras for limited household purposes is exempt from the DPA. This applies where an individual uses MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) to protect their home from burglary, even if the camera overlooks the street or other areas near their home. Images captured for recreational purposes, such as with a mobile phone, digital camera or camcorder, are also exempt.

The Data Protection Act does not apply to individuals’ private or household purposes. So if you install a camera on your own home to protect it from burglary, the Act will not apply.