Intelligent Security Management


Traditional Security has several sub-systems, access control, video management, alarms management, visitor management and intrusion detection; just imagine how difficult it is to manage if each feature is unable to interact with one another.

It is especially frustrating to find that out only after a large amount of resources have been poured into installing them.

At MAHA ASIA, our suite of Unified Security Management Solution is designed to be intelligent, intuitive and purpose-built for modern security requirements.

Based on non-proprietary technologies and designs, solutions can work as independent modules or seamlessly as a single unified system, according to the needs of individual premises.

Advantages of ease of use, scalability and an open architecture mean the current solution can grow as your businesses expand, even across different geographic locations.

All that adds up to a lower total cost of ownership and increased efficiency. Constant enhancement and easy management of your enterprise security just became a reality.


MAHA ASIA Security Industry award-winning Security Management System MAHA ASIA provides a unique user interface that capitalizes on MAHA ASIA vast experience within major systems. MAHA ASIA has been designed to create the optimum workstation environment, addressing the requirement of system operators and managers to provide a practical control and administration solution that can deliver the flexibility of operation – as demanded by today’s increasingly complex systems.

MAHA ASIA dramatically simplifies the human interface to; multi-vendor hardware requiring presentation in many control room environments, furnishing operators with a simple, fast and intuitive route to all common system functions. Complementing Synergy is a range of module additions designed with specific application sectors in mind.

Allied to this, at all times, supervisors have the ability to monitor system usage and override its operation if necessary. Overseeing the correct deployment of the system, MAHA ASIA creates powerful reports for managers to provide a single audit trail associated with visual evidence, and enables assessment of a system’s correct use, (or abuse).

Revolutionizing the control room command environment, MAHA ASIA has received much critical acclaim where it is already providing deep systems integration and control, installed at the heart of major systems world-wide.

  • Comprehensive CCTV Control
  • Multiple site connectivity
  • Simplicity of Operation
  • Industry Standard OS
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Fault Management
  • Incident Management
  • Auto Forms & Reporting
  • Multi User, Rights Configurable
Intelligent Security Management
Intelligent Security Management
SAS Application - Intelligent Security Management