Soyal Access Sysytem

(BR500 series barrier gate system)
Ideal for low budget and simple pin based access control system. 12 numeric keypad with 1 bicolor LED (green and red) and buzzer. LED light will blink and change color to indicate status of reader. Made of high quality ABS material.
• Keypad will be locked for 30 sec for continuous error.
• Built in tamper switch
• Built in watchdog to prevent system from halting
• Optional bell output when pressing * and # together.

Feature Description
Pin code 250
Memory transaction NONE
Time zone NONE
Holiday NONE
Door group NONE
Anti-pass back NONE
Access mode 3 to 6 digit pin number only
Alarm function NONE
Duress function NONE
Direct PC software support NONE
Programming method Program new user using keypad
Multi reader networking under 716 controller NO
External Wigand port for anti-pass back function NO
Push button input YES
Lift control NO


Specification Description
RF reading frequency NONE
Reading range N/A
Door relay 12V / 2A
N.O. / N.C. / COM
Latch type
Pre-set time 0.1 to 600 sec
Alarm relay NONE
Serial port NONE
Input port 1A/24VDC or 0.5A/120VAC
Power consumption 9-18 VDC. Less than 2W.
Dimension (mm) 112 (L) x 76 (W) x 25(H)