(IVS Network Video Recorder)
High Resolution Recordings

  • NVR and Megapixel IP CCTV Camera solution brings users clear images while video recording and playback

Easy Upgrade to IP Surveillance System

  • With Plug-and-Play technology, the complicated network configurations are simplified in three steps.

HDMI TV Video Out

  • It supports 1920×1080 REAL HDMI service, giving the best image quality on LCD / LED monitors.

Multi-platform Remote Access

  • Fully compatibility on iPhone & iPad, and Internet Explorer® on Windows® operating system

Smart Recording

  • It automatically adjusts the video resolution to optimize the recording efficiency of HDD.

High Compatibility and Offsite Backup

  • Nearly every mainstream IP CCTV Camera in the market compatible
  • Added NAS function to backup all kinds of IP CCTV Cameras on the Internet
  • Cooperating with CMS (Central management System) for offsite backup