(4CH H.264 Compression IVS DVR)
Remote Surveillance

  • Mobile surveillance via our self-developed and free program, “EagleEyes”, is supported on many popular mobile platforms, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows

Mobile & Symbian

  • Network surveillance via the licensed software “Video Viewer”, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser, and QuickTime player is supported with up to 10 users login simultaneously.

iPhone Push Notification

  • Supports sending Push Notification to your iPhone for instant event notification when a man is detected (human detection).

Intelligent Surveillance

  • Virtual Fence

A virtual intruder detection line is set to detect intruders crossing the detection line.

  • Flow counting

A virtual detection line is set to detect the moving direction of pedestrians for flow counting.

  • Single Channel Motion Recording

Only the channel with an event will be recorded to effectively save a significant amount of hard disk space and have the maximized recording time.

  • Supports pre-alarm recording.

USB Mouse Control with GUI OSD

  • The GUI OSD interface is provided and used with your USB mouse.

DVR / CCTV Camera Communication System (DCCS)

  • For PTZ or zoom-lens control CCTV Cameras, there is no need to additionally connect RS485 control wires for CCTV Camera control because the control signals can be transferred by coaxial cables directly.
  • CCTV Camera installation is highly simplified to lower labor cost and working hours.

Remote Independent Operation

  • Channel switching is fully independent from the local site, allowing users to have private image monitoring remotely.

H.264 Video Compression Technology

  • Highly improves video quality for live, recording, and network.
  • Recording file size is minimized for longest recording time.
  • Lower bit rate required for fastest network transfer.


  • Allows live display, record, playback, backup and network operation at the same time.

Backup Function

  • Supports DVD writer (optional), USB flash drive and network backup.

Audio / Video Support

  • 4 audio-in, 2 audio-outs to record sounds.
  • VGA interface built-in.