Security and Safety – Two critical areas in the Healthcare industry that may not receive the emphasis and attention they require. At Salient Systems we understand the overall quality of healthcare services is directly related to providing a safe and secure environment.

Of primary importance are:

• Newborn and Infant Security
• Nursing Staff Safety
• Patient Care and Visitor Safety
• Protection of Property
• Protection of Assets
• Prevention of Crime

Having a security system in healthcare institutions is of critical importance, considering they are places with high-valued equipment, accessibility to drugs, and many entrances. A hospital needs common precautions against fire, attacks, and vandalism as any other large facility. At the same time, heightened security requires special electronic protection solutions such as control against abduction of infants from maternity wards or threats against patients or staff, and crimes of opportunity. Hospitals are extremely complex buildings that need the strongest security solution.

Hospital video surveillance plays a critical role in supporting security personnel as they provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment which supports the mission of the healthcare organization. It allows for pre-motion detection to view events as they unfolded and easy retrieval of video for administration and law enforcement viewing. Video surveillance of hallways, entrances and exits and parking garages provides a deterrent to crime and supports hospital administrations’ desire for 24 hour/365 day nursing staff safety.

Designing an integrated security system is the most appropriated way to meet the facility’s needs and protect hospitals against potential threats. In an integrated system, several available products and solutions (alarms, hospital access control, and CCTV security systems) are used to create a customized security strategy.

MAHA ASIA highly skilled team, experienced with evaluating a Hospital’s infrastructure and identifying threats and vulnerabilities. We focus on its specific weaknesses and offer the necessary hospital security solution to protect the institution’s people, property.

Having a fire alarm is also important, if not required, in institutional environments. In the event of a fire, these facilities are highly populated and often difficult to evacuate. It is the institution’s responsibility to ensure that clients are protected. Thus security solutions may prevent lawsuits and protect the organization’s reputation.

Perhaps the most significant and effective security product in a hospital is the CCTV security system. Many security-related incidents are resolved from the use of a closed circuit television. To combat the risk of patient disappearance, a CCTV can be installed in the entrance of a patient ward.

Security staff can then view people entering and leaving the area. It can also be used in lobbies, operating rooms, labs and pharmacies, among others. In some highly technical cases, cameras can even be programmed to count the number of people moving through an area or identifying and reporting that an object has been removed or left behind.