Local and federal governments manage assets in varying locations and each have their own set of security and surveillance issues. Security is integral to government for the protection of the property and the personnel within. Town halls, libraries, zoos, galleries and parks also share the same surveillance and security issues as governments, and can all be accommodated using OmniVisions state-of-the-art surveillance systems.

Obtaining an electronic security system is an important strategic investment each government must take. CCTV systems, video analytics software, specialised IP cameras, alarms and intercoms are required to protect government assets now and in the future.

The combination of the right security measures is one important factor. Using the wrong surveillance and security products can have an impact on the desired effect. OmniVisions leading video analytics and IP surveillance technology will help to minimise theft and damage to a property. CCTV systems and security cameras remain the first choice for the government sector as they provide first class surveillance.

OmniVision has the equipment, expertise and effective security systems to establish a secure solution. The customised security and surveillance infrastructure solution provided by OmniVision is an open, common security and surveillance infrastructure, which accommodates digital video technology and IP access control