MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) monitoring for security purpose is carried out in a legal, professional and ethical manner. The people responsible for MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) monitoring are trained and supervised and have to do a high pressure work that has lots of dangers. Through a MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) monitor, the individuals are targeted; on the basis of characteristics such as gender, race, ethnicity, disability, etc. among all these an important issue is that the placement of the camera will not violate the privacy. The recorded images that are obtained from MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) are stored in a secure location, and only authorized Public Safety staff oversees and coordinates it, which is used for safety and security purpose. Even high tech security cameras can be installed.

Public Safety Department staff members follow all Education procedures, policies and guidelines while watching the MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) cameras and are answerable or responsible for the daily process of Camera system. If the person doesn’t supervise the monitor carefully or the person’s mind is distracted in some other work, the crime might happen in a short moment, and for this crime the Education supervisor can be held responsible.

Other reasons why MAHA ASIA CCTV (MASB CCTV) is used at an Educational Institute Education:
To detect the theft of cars, to stop graffiti and especially rather offensive graffiti and to improve general security in the different areas of the Education