About Us



In today’s ever increasing crime rate within the public and private sectors, large and small firms are discovering the necessity to secure their stuffs and investments with security devices. The security devices are used to monitoring the premises. The security industry is largely being considered as the backbone that will ensure continual survival of corporate entities. Furthermore, it helps to secure your peace of mind. Together with the expansion various security devices like the CCTV systems, Access Control Systems and Alarm Systems are expanding at a rapid rate. These security installations may ultimately be the deciding factor of ‘Business Survival’ for many people.

Each of security system should be designed to cater for the specific needs of the client. It is important to be able to design an up to date security system. We at MAHA ASIA are able to provide our client with the best security solutions to minimize security risks, which they might face on a daily basis.

The product that we sell is the company’s lifeline. R & D has always been a focus at MAHA ASIA in order to create market niches to consolidate our leading position where it has been able to obtain the confidence of many leading corporations who have become our clients.

MAHA ASIA places very High professional demands on its products. We emphasize quality and efficiency and seek long term operation for the growth of corporation. The goals of the company are to create high added value products to lead the international market and to expand opportunities.

MAHA ASIA with the positive action and team spirit is meeting the challenge of keen competition going on. We are devoted to the industry to provide the best service to the customers, in hope of seeking better growth through strong development, manufacturing and marketing abilities and after sales service.


MAHA ASIA aims to do the leading consultancy firm in the electronic security industry with the specific emphasis on:

  • CCTV Camera Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Alarm Systems

MAHA ASIA has, time and again, proved its capacity by successfully undertaking and completing various projects around the country. Some of the projects are Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia, Institute Kraf Tangan Negara, Genting Highlands Resort Berhard, and so on. In addition to specializing in CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems and Alarm Systems, maintenance services provided by MAHA ASIA are a feather in its cap.

Our teams of professional security consultants have sound knowledge and are capable of providing pragmatic and precise advice and approach to a problem.

MAHA ASIA also houses a team oh highly skilled and experienced workers who are trained to work under extreme pressure and provide on-the-ground assistance and advise whenever the need arises.

In MAHA ASIA, we understand the specific needs of our clients, work to provide assistance and consultancy within a reasonable financial budget and meet the requirements within the given time frame.


MAHA ASIA provides security consultancy and solutions to corporate entities concerned about protecting themselves from the high security risks. Recognized as an objective force in the security consultancy field, MAHA ASIA is a leading security threats and other vulnerabilities.

Combined with experienced security analysts and our association with several closed-door security organizations lend us an edge by allowing us an over-the-horizon view into the potential risks need to combat. This also puts in a better position to consolidate our expertise and the best security advice to tackle any given situation.

We, at MAHA ASIA are dedicated to helping our clients mitigate their security risks by providing the most focused security consultancy available in the industry.

Along with our business associates, team of security experts and sound knowledge, we are confident of helping you to create and maintain a safe foundation for your business.

Our focused knowledge base combined with the analysis of some of the best minds in the consultancy field gives us advantage in providing unparallel security advices to meet even the most challenging of situation.